As reputations go Seattle seems to have the same one in the US as Manchester does in England…. That is ‘it rains all the time’. Now while they have the same amount of rainfall it struck me today what the difference is. Back in Manchester the traffic is busy and fighting to get to the destination while the rain is chilled and kind of drifts down at you over a few days enjoying the journey. In Seattle it seems to be the opposite way round! The driving is so relaxed and laid back sometimes it seem people aren’t bothered about getting there at all….the rain however is another matter. Today it rained for only about two hours but what rain! We have a rain gauge in the garden and it has gone up by 2 inches in the last 24hrs with only 2hrs of rain, it was like driving as people threw buckets at you and the thunder was magnificent. The odd thing though was that right up until it rained it was bright outside and then just after even as the trees still dripped heavily the sun began to warm the ground and the roofs steamed gently. It was really beautiful watching the sun break through the weary trees and picking up the colours of the leaves that had managed somehow to cling on long enough to make it through the downpour.

 One thing that was the same as in Manchester though and seems to be a worldwide phenomenon is that if it rains at any time during the day it WILL rain as school begins or ends for maximum people soaking!!

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