I’ve met up with some people over the last week and realised something very odd.  I have become very disconnected and this blog is some of the reason why! I initially began to write this so that I could update people on what was going on with the move and that seems to have worked but as I have discovered over the last year it’s all very one way. Even when I’ve outright asked for feedback of comments few have come back… my thanks to those who have….. which means while people can read about what is going on in my life I know little or nothing about events for them. This is ok most of the time though a bit isolating but when we meet up it feels very odd. Imagine someone knowing about your grumpy days and day to day life and yet you have heard nothing from them for a year. It gives the bug in a jar feeling a huge boost I can tell you. Now none of this is to say I will stop writing or that I am unhappy about you reading it but if you could drop me an email at times to let me know what happens with you I would love that…or even post! I know it is ‘old fashioned’ and takes time but it is wonderful to get letters and just think you can write them anywhere not just near a pc!
So please let me know how you are and what is happening for you, I care about you and would like to know!  If you don’t then it’s almost as if I’m talking to myself which can’t be good…though not unusual
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