time keeps moving

Well it’s been a busy few weeks with us catching up on the thing we wanted to do. I’ve laid the paving under one of the wheelie bins and even checked it was level from all directions…it looks good and I’m pleased with it.(Now the Word grammar checker wanted me to change under to fewer than but somehow it just didn’t seem right)

Last weekend Martin and Matt went for their camping retreat to Mt Rainer and Mt St Helens… they had a great time but sadly it rained on them a fair amount and the campsite lacked running water of the flushing kind.

Sam and I went out to an art market and watched a film or two relaxing as well as painting some pottery together and chatting over coffee. It was a good weekend followed by a good tea with the Thelins which we enjoyed a lot. After seeing Stardust on Monday we have spent most of the week doing jigsaws of fantasy creatures, playing board games or getting school supplies. I had a bad day on Wednesday …mainly due to not sleeping on Tuesday night at all… for some reason I didn’t get to sleep till 4.30am and it isn’t enough for me anymore! I felt either silly or half dead most of the day and Matt and Sam were great though a little bullying at times…making me go to bed! How the tables turn!!

Today I had a friend round, Susannah, and we had lunch then chatted as I painted the walls in the guest room. The olive made the walls absorb the light and the room close in but I think this butter milk colour works much better so far. It does need at least one other coat maybe two but already the warmth of the oak wood has begun to come alive a bit more and the room has opened up. So tomorrow another coat and then maybe another if it stays this warm and is needed… who knows.

We have Vicki coming to stay on Monday which we are looking forward to a lot ….  So the room will be done at the end of the weekend!


Right now I’m off to shower before bed and wash my hair… I know it’s too much information but it’s hot and humid here right now and I’m hoping I will sleep better after it.


So sleep having been a big part of my week one way or another I hope you all sleep well and have relaxing weekends!

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