the year of the Trilogy…or the good the bad and the ugly?

Ok so I know my opinion may not actually count for much but if you are reading this then maybe you want to know.

It seems this is the year of the trilogy at the cinema and I’ve been to see a few films recently, though not all of them are third in a series and I wanted to spout about them.


We’ll start with the Bourne Ultimatum. I saw this on Tuesday and admittedly I was tired at the time but I didn’t fall asleep. Having watched the film I now think a notice at the beginning would have been useful…”this film may induce motion sickness in some viewers”. Now I know the cinematography may have been very clever and arty but be honest what good is it if you have to look away so you aren’t queasy…and why film a fight scene if it can’t actually be seen clearly. Unless of course the cameraman was having a convulsion or an earthquake was occurring in which case I apologise…. But I doubt it.

As for the plot well it was a good follow up to the first two films and had really interesting elements in the hunt for the truth but I found that the end was just a bit too reminiscent of ‘Conspiracy theory’ for me …even down to (spoiler coming) the is he alive or dead ending and the woman guessing. Sad but there you are ….. the camera work and the plot ending just left it feeling a bit disappointing for me.


So next if you want it my thoughts on the recent Harry Potter film. Having read these books with a view to seeing if they were ok for my kids I originally decided they weren’t old enough to understand the concepts behind it and fully enjoy them. Now we have all read all the books and I feel while Sam was a little young it was better timing. I know many Christians have slated the books but …honestly … go read them! Unless we are about to burn any books dealing in anything directly relating to our faith then we have to not only be aware of what is out there but appreciate what there is. Science fiction and fantasy engage parts of ourselves that need some release it keeps our imagination alive which is something God gave us. I am also of the opinion that banning your kids from reading a book that you haven’t read is ignorant and short sighted…how can you then have credibility with them and explain why it is unwise? We have had many chats stimulated by situations in the books and I value not only that by the opportunity to explain to my boys why I believe what I do in the light of it.

Anyway as for the film I really enjoyed it, it was a long film BUT time didn’t drag and I didn’t feel the need to check my watch at all.. The sad thing for me is the small interesting bits it left out from the book. This led me wondering why….apart from financial …..reasons it was made into films. Having watched the Narnia series produced by the BBC it struck me recently that a Harry Potter  series would have been equally good and given more time to the extra characters and smaller sub plots within each book. I think it’s sad that many kids are not reading the books only watching the films and I realise that initially it would have reached a much smaller audience but I still feel it would have been REALLY good.


So onto my third film of the evening! “Stardust” This film based on the Neil Gaiman book was wonderful! Having read some Neil Gaiman graphic novels I couldn’t imagine any that would be aimed at children but I was very wrong. This film was 2.5hrs and not a minute was wasted! Amazing costumes with intricate detail, casting was wonderful…. And reads like a who’s who of classic and new actors, Robert De Niro will never look the same to me again, or Michelle Pfeiffer but it was also great to see some English actors…Ricky Gervais…. Ok maybe not actor but does he fit into a box?…and Sarah Alexander…as she never looked in coupling! The film had lots of action and interest for the boys but also had some more adult humour mixed into it for the parents. It was great and one for buying on DVD when possible. If you liked the action and humour of Princess Bride …you will like this one though it differs in plot I think it appeals to the same part of you. Oh and if you feel the need to make it educational you can use all sorts of bits of the plot to chat through things with your kids…. Who you love and why, morality and conscience, honesty and the value of who you really are not who you are supposed to be. “some people are shop boys, while others just work in shops.” It’s a fairytale done they way it should be.


So there you are for what it’s worth that’s my opinion on those films you don’t have to agree or like my opinion but hey it’s my space so here it is. 

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One Response to the year of the Trilogy…or the good the bad and the ugly?

  1. Simon says:

    I know what you mean, Tig. I knew my Mum and Dad didn\’t want me to see "Life of Brian" because it was allegedly blasphemous. I asked them if they\’d been to see it (not because I was making a point, but out of sheer curiousity – I just couldn\’t imagine my parents going to see a Monty Python film) but they said they\’d never been. They\’d just heard about it. That sort of thing really devalued the effectiveness of their advice to me, actually. It made me wonder just how many other things they\’d told me were based on what someone had told them. I decided that if I ever did have any kids, I wouldn\’t bring them up based on what "Fat Bloke Down The Pub", or more appropriately "Fat Bloke Down At Church" said. I\’d find out for myself.
    See you some time.

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