Well the house and garden online at times so I though I’d best update you. (hi Debbie and all the midwives!) In a photo…’queen of all she surveys’ in the photo album you can just to the right of Cobweb see the beginning of a hedge. Now this hedge not only took up lots of space, needing clipping, held all sorts of dead things within in but it also smelt of almonds and attracted wasps which so close to the deck was grim none of us liking the almond taste or smell. So we decided a while ago to get rid of it and put more …yes you guessed it …roses in there with some lavenders and a buddleia. There is also a patch of garden that backs onto the family room chimney breast that has stuff in either over grown or unliked so the ones we do like from there will be moved into the new long bed and that turned into a space for a bench with some herbs around it to smell nice and maybe a honeysuckle. I’ll show you a before shot.

 So this weekend on Saturday all of us set to work getting rid of the hedge. It was really hard work but after a big team effort we got rid of it. At times it was like enacting the enormous turnip with three of us pulling and the other lifting with a garden fork (because a dinner one would have been silly) and yes we did all shoot back a number of times. It became more fun when a pipe came up with a root and ‘came off in our hands’ not knowing what it connected to Martin went to check the garden sprinkler system…… sadly being tired and not feeling bright the kids and I moved too slowly and became a little damp though thoroughly refreshed! On to the next part of the shrubbery and the soil had become a little damp and muddy as had the bush we were holding and when the roots did come free, which I think was then easier, we got showered in roots and wet soil. Ah well it’s all good ‘clean’ fun! So now the hedge has gone and you can see how it looks from the photo. We cleared up and started to think about the next job…only think though! After showers and tea we all collapsed in front of Indiana Jones 3 then crawled to bed.

Sunday was a day of relaxing and planning for the next garden job…… paving under the wheelie bins! There is a method you see…we can then wheel them around more easily AND we can use the soil from there to boost the new rose bed up a bit. We are also going to wire off the under deck area so cats and raccoons can’t hide under there.

Sunday evening I went to the cinema with Linda (hi Linda!) and watched ‘no reservations’ it was ok…. Not great but ok and very predictable but sometimes that’s what we need isn’t it? The visit to the pub after was great though and I laughed so much my eyes sprang a leak.

 Oh on the cats…they have over the time since we came back brought all manner of gifts living and dead to me…and of course I’ve expressed gratitude and given them treats while removing the creature from the floor. Cobweb seems to be hanging around the house more right now and enjoying the deck and lounging about. Baxter …still dumb with flashes of brilliance…. wanders off  to the edges of the garden and tries to catch flies …though to be fair he has brought me a moth and a very scared looking mouse or two.

 Right I’m off to get some breakfast and tidy up… there seem to be muddy footprints around the house… I can’t imagine why!I know some of you are looking at



Photo’s to come!



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