After the Holiday

 That has to have been the busiest holiday I have ever had. It was good to catch up with people and see that for most a year hadn’t changed the friendship but it was so tiring. We had some really good days with our families too, relaxing and catching up without the crackle of the phone was so nice. Sadly we didn’t get to see everyone we had wanted to and that was really hard but we literally ran out of time and were seeing people up til 8pm of the night before we left for the airport at 5.30am. I got on the plane feeling exhausted and looking forward to sleep without a timetable for the next day. We didn’t have the best flights back I won’t go into too many details but we have never felt a plane ‘sway’ before and have vowed never to go through Charles-De-Gaulle airport again or fly Air France. It was so good to be home though. Before we left I’d taken a tip from my mum and cleaned and tidied the house….it was great the house looked wonderful to come home to and having sprayed neutrodol before we left it smelt great too…fresh and clean.
 Well the day after we arrived was for washing unpacking cases and collecting the cats. Both cats had upsets stomachs on the way home which apart from making the car smell awful left some nasty cat box washing to be done but having been up since 4am and getting the shopping out of the way at 5am my day was clear for washing of things. Now a week later we are all back to normal though still a bit tired. The boys have new beds which they love and will last them till they move out….. which involved disassembling the old ones and putting together the new ones on Saturday. They look great but my hands hurt after a while.
Today both boys are off to Wild Waves a wet theme park so I am hoping to do all the cleaning and ironing so we can do other stuff tomorrow. Life has been busy since we returned with vaccinations, karate and Sam having a brace put on. He is coping with it ok though his mouth is a bit sore right now, hopefully today will help him feel better….. oh and he has bands on the fixings in blue and yellow….looks odd to start with but he loves it.
Ok a brew awaits me now and then we’ll see what else the day brings. I may tell you more about the holiday soon.
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