The main theme for this week seems to be wildlife and teeth. Sadly the boys have both needed some work which included Matt having a milk tooth removed today at the dentist. As both boys are also having orthodontic care they were given tickets to attend an event today.The Orthodontist is taking over Cold Stone the local ice cream heaven and giving ice creams to all his patients….the boys are more than a bit happy about it. It’s an odd idea but even so they are happy.
 It was date night last night and we went for a walk in Redmond along the river. It’s amazing what you can see apart from a huge variety of birds and a rabbit we saw a great blue heron which was feeding. At nearly 4ft tall it was an impressive sight and yet so still most people didn’t notice it and from the other side it couldn’t be seen at all. It was quite a sight slowly and deliberately stalking and catching fish, then it flew off overhead like some prehistoric bird to rest at the top of a tree.
We saw another animal as we walked but as yet I’ve no idea what it was, not a squirrel or a ferret but something between the two.. I’ll try to find out and let you know.
 Well as the boys are now on summer holiday we have got a bit more sleep which is wonderful…life is more relaxing and laid back though we have plans for doing some studying of choice over the summer.
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