cotton wood blossom

  "I love to see the cottonwood blossom in the early spring"
 It’s amazing outside here right now. For those of you that have never encountered cottonwood blossom in the air I’ll try to tell you what it is like.
  You wake up and look out the window and everything is as it was before…then a gentle breeze blows and it begins to ‘snow’ plump, gentle weightless masses float downwards lazily…. very lazily. They swarm in clumps on the floor not melting but beginning to look like frog spawn in a pond floating gently on the ground and shifting with any passing air current. No respector of place or object they cluster around plant bases, windows, cats all the while being joined by their companions still clouding the skies.
When driving you almost feel you need your wipers on as so many of them hit the windscreen and then there is the whole issue of a convertible and what happens if you open your mouth while driving a long…… human hairball full of cottonwood blossom.
 This is how it’s been for around 3-4 days so far, eerily silent and warm and not melting it gives a gentle reminder of snow whilst also the strange feelign that you’ve seen something like it in a Sci-fi film and it didn’t end well.
 Any small gap will be filled with them and opening the doors or windows is asking for trouble as they cling to the nearest object and seep in unstoppable and yet still stunningly beautiful.
 I’ve tried to take a photo of it to show you but I dont’ know how well it will show up……. you’ll just have to come visit and share the experience!
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