town vs country

 Having lived in a few different types of places I’ve often wondered which I am town or country. It seems whichever one I am in part of me longs for the other bit, I guess that just makes me difficult. I love the fact that in a town you are nearby anything you want, life is cintiually buzzing around you allowing you to watch and get lost in the business of other people of which there are a wide variety. enjoying architecture makes the buildings interesting for me too and watching people swarm in and out of them can fascinate me. When I’m in the country things are further away and give room to breathe and relax, time and life can be more peaceful and even when busy you can see the seasons change through plants and animals in a way you dont’ often see in towns.
 So when we moved here part of me wanted to have some space and be away from a city but I knew it doesn’t do me any good to be away from people for long and it’s better for the kids and Martin to be closer to people. So we are living a bit further out than Martin initially wanted but in a town near everything we need.
The real blessing as you may have noticed is the amount of wildlife around here, this morning as I walked Matt to the bus stop at 6.55am we had to stop for a bit…. a deer was ‘prancing’ along the road havign a look around. It started in our garden then wandered up the road a bit to the trail, just before Matt passed by on his bus it came back to our garden into next doors and off through the waste ground. It was a stunning sight first thing in the morning and just what we needed…….. Thanks God!
So am I town or country…… I think I’m more a chameleon really!
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