Yes thanks Si, I had a birthday last week and I’m now 36…not all of us make a huge fuss you see. I’m not that bothered about getting older as the only other option is death and for now I’m putting it off a while… I have more plans!
 I dont’ really know what else to say today. Part of me has been thinking about our trip home and how on earth I’ll get to see the people I want to and feel like I’ve spent time with all of them! Sam told me he has had dreams about going home and Matt has been a bit excited about it too …. I think we are all looking forward to it a lot really.
 Oh I had my haircut today and it was a lot more successful than the last cut I had, no chewing gum, sore head or over snipped wig! It’s still long so don’t panic Josh!  I knwo I go through phases of thinking I should be a grown up and have short hair but it does make me feel grumpy and …well it’s just not me. It’s also much easier to look after when it’s long!
 It’s been raining here all day and it’s made the air feel nice and fresh and cool… so I’m off now to sit on the deck and enjoy it between showers!
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