It has been brought to my attention that I didnt’ actually say who the visitors were…. but yes they were raccoons,  big heavy things that look kind of cute and sad…from a distance.
 Well there’s not much to say right now what did I do last night? nothing….my head ached so I went to bed at 7pm woke up at 6.20 and feel great today…though a bit  dehydrated. It’s a beautiful day so far…7.30am…. everywhere is bright from rain and the mountains look deep unrealistic purple, slow heavy drops of rain falling but a nice cool breeze. (Can you tell I’m feeling better?)
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One Response to oops

  1. Simon says:

    Happier you may well be, but you haven\’t updated your age on your website after having your birthday! Sorry to point these things out, and you\’re still much, MUCH younger than me, but if you\’re going to have your age on a website you may as well get it right! See you all soon –  Si.

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