early morning visitors

We just had two visitors who I think had thought they were invited for breakfast. I had been thinking in summer it will be nice to eat on the deck and turned around to look and there they were….well just one at the time scratching his back sitting about 5ft away from me looking like the biggest fur hat I had ever seen. I don’t think I’ve been that close to a wild animal before when they could see me. I did go badger watching with Matt and Anna once but we were in a dark room and they had no idea we were there. The worrying thing was that Baxter was sitting on the fence staring at that one then he saw the other one too. As they sloped off stopping to scratch other bits at times and then moving on, he turned and began to follow them crouching…both Martin and I looked at each other and started calling him… I knew they were big but today I realised just how big and I didn’t want Baxter anywhere near them. After much coaxing and shaking of treats Martin managed to get Baxter in and we have decided to keep him in until he loses the idea of chasing them off or going to say hi. Baxter and Sam are alike they are both SO friendly that at times it is worrying.

 Over the weekend we went to the cinema with Don and Barb, having had a really nice meal, and saw Fracture which had been recommended to me by John earlier in the day. It was a good evening and I really enjoyed the film which reminded me of Columbo…you know who did it but you want to see how they catch him …or in fact if they do.

 It had been good to catch up with John and we talked for ages…well put it this way Martin fell asleep and woke up wondering how I was on the phone to now….he he. I miss chatting to John so it was really good to catch up with him and just relax into a chat again.

Sunday …well we happily slept in until 8.40am which was wonderful…no alarm clocks, no purring or mewing cats, EVERYONE slept. Rather than rush out to church and feel disorientated we dozed for a while then the boys and I went to get some fresh juice, croissants and coffee before sitting down to a late but very nice breakfast. I think the whole day was spent cleaning and sorting the boys’ bedrooms after that apart from another good phone call that we all enjoyed. By 6pm we were all exhausted but had over two bin bags to show for our efforts…as well as carpet, fresh beds and clean surfaces. The kids were happy but tired going to bed and had enjoyed the breaks from cleaning by playing in the garden making bows and arrows. Matt was using a book he has and a new Swiss army knife and they worked really well….. with only two minor wounds!


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