evening massacre

We bought some ladybirds the other day and this evening has unleashed a horrible fate upon the greenfly on my roses. It was amazing to watch them grab the greenfly and start tucking in straight away and felt good to know it was a plant and nature friendly way to deal with the problem.
So what have we been up to? Erm well today I’ve done lots of gardening and been to the nursery at the bottom of the hill. It has so much stuff right now and me and the boys had a great time. Now I have put together hanging baskets with mixtures of flowers and herbs and a few pots….. well I’m using the excuse of my birthday so I got a few extra. The deck looks nice now though it will look much better when the small plants have filled out a bit.
 It’s tempting to write something about the shock wave that has hit people over here following the V-Tech tradegy but all there is to say is it’s made me value what I have more and pray more.
We are currently in the middle of some exams called WASL’s… some exams set by the state a bit like SAT’s but it seems every year does them so we have this to look forward to each year. The karate is going well for the boys and they are enjoying it as much as ever though it is harder as they progress.
Baxter has taken to walking around shouting what sounds like ‘purple’ at 6am which is wonderful…on a school day but on a weekend well it’s less than ideal. If I ignore him for too long he jumps on my head and nudges me….. btu not if I’m under the covers…hehe. Saying that each night when I get in bed he jumps on my feet and tries to kill them then when he’s tired crawls under the covers and sleeps at my feet….. his whiskers do tickle. I never thought I’d have an animal sleep under covers with me…well since Boots did….but he didn’t wait to be asked and the last thing I wanted to do when he was there was disturb him he has far too many pointy corners.
I had a really nice hug the other day from someone I wasn’t expecting it from and it meant a lot to me. I do miss hugs from my friends I knwo I’m a tactile person and I knew I’d missed them but not how much till then. I’ll have to collect lots when I’m back in summer and save them up for rainy days.
We have a timetable for summer and despite me talking to people about how full it will be and sending them the info it is becomming very full and people haven’t replied. It will be sad if we don’t manage to catch up with people but our time back in the UK is limited and if they don’t get back to me then what can I do?
On that note I will go…it seems we may have a shortage of cellotape and scissors….. I think they must have run off with the odd socks.
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