Happy Easter

  Well our first spring break and now I know why people make such a big deal about it. As they don’t have half term holidays here this last week has been the only time off between Christmas and summer and it’s a long time for the kids. It seems to have passed so quickly and here we are thinking of the 6am start again. So what did we do? Mostly we relaxed and caught up on sleeping. Emma came to visit from North Carolina which was good fun …. though I think it took her as long to get here as from the UK and her flights were grim! We spent some time enjoying the sun downtown and just pootling around. The extra day when Emm’s flights were cancelled was good as it felt like a bonus day to relax in. We’ve spent some time sorting out parts of the house where clutter collects and hanging out in the garden enjoying the amazing weather we’ve had. It reached 80 degrees on friday! Saldy for most of the day I was knocked out by a blue tablet and couldn’t enjoy it but by the time Martin got home…early… it had improved and we went for a drive to the falls in the Mustang.
  Another thing we have done this week is started to book our flights back in July. I won’ tcall it a holiday as it looks to being busier than normal life! There are things that each of us wants to do while we are back and people we want to catch up with….. so book us early places are limited!
    Baxter and Cobweb are loving the warmer weather though it means with all the windows open they have to patrol a lot more. Baxter has had some fun getting stuck places over the last few weeks which I’ll try to get him to tell you about soon.
  Easter feels odd here, maybe it’s that the kids are back tomorrow, or that the chocolate here sucks so we haven’t got any eggs, or that Martin doesn’t get days off Friday or Monday….but it feels a bit unreal so far. We are off to church soon though so I’m sure that will change. Having seen the neews and kids in Texas hunting eggs in snow I think maybe it’s just a surreal year for it all.
Yesterday we spent the day in the garage  Martin working on the bike with Matt and me up the other end messing about with some clay. Sam? well he flitted about like a blue ****** fly mostly. It was a good day doors open and warm air coming through despite the soft rain and it’s nice to see the garden coming to life in the sun as spring arrives. Lots of things are growing and we have yet to find out what they are or where the next thing will pop up.
  So if you would like to catch up with us in summer let me know….I have a feeling our time will be taken up by the time we actually land so don’t wait around!
See you all soon have a great Easter!
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