Baxter strikes again

Some days it really is better to stay in bed!


            The windows have been open a lot recently and it means I have to go check everything is ok. What if I lay down for a minute and something happens…. I might miss it! So life has been busy lately, checking going out the front and checking everywhere then of course I come in and find another way out to the back so I have to check that too!

            I’ve been learning my limitations… it won’t stop me doing anything but at least I know what to expect now! I have found that birds don’t like playing with me they fly away, bugs like to play but are not the most fun especially the ones that crawl along (I like the copper coloured tweetle beetles) and raccoons … well between us they are just scary! I saw one from close up and it was big. Not just big like Cobweb but biiiiig with a hard stare and long claws and I didn’t like it at all. I’m not allowed out in the dark in case they are out so I was confused to see this one in my garden at midday….. maybe it was lost.

            I’m not being called ‘poopyhead’ now and they have finally found a litter that I like…well it took them long enough didn’t it! I am being called ‘bugalugs’ a fair bit though when I have trouble.

You see I decided a while ago that I should stretch myself and try news things, see the world from other angles. It started with the glass table with a shelf under it really. It looked like somewhere to climb but then I hadn’t seen the glass top and the shelf itself had holes in it that made walking very hard still if the commandos can crawl so can I …after some practise!

                        After that I decided to venture further from the house and found a tree not fat away well the going up was easy but coming down proved more difficult. It was the day when the other two big people were in the garden with Feeder so I called them. It took them a while of calling me but eventually they found me…… about 30ft up a tree in the open land past the garden near the big road. Well it was all very well them shaking the treats for me but if I could have come down I would. The treats did sound great though so I slowly and very gingerly ventured down the tree. Not an easy job for some reason my claws work better at holding on when I’m going up…looking down they aren’t as good and my face slides down the bark and makes me unhappy. So I’m done with big trees for a while!

   Recently though I have been wandering around the garage and looking up I saw the rafters had shiny things in there so I went to look. Yet again it took them ages to find me and they were less than helpful when they did. Feeding one kept calling me and trying to stand on a ladder to get me but well apart from the fact that I was moving around and kicking dust at her she just wasn’t tall enough. As it turned out my ride down was very cool! I saw a basket coming towards me from the floor and inside it were treats as soon as I climbed in the rope started to move and I was getting closer to the floor. Cool huh?!

            Not so much fun the next time I got stuck though all four of them home and I had to get manhandled down and covered in dust because I didn’t want to go in the basket straight away this time. It is kind of high up though and I’m not sure I’ll do it again…well not straight away anyway.

 It seems some situations are much easier to get into than out of …even with help!




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