Baxter’s blog… the great outdoors

Well life has been busy for me lately. It started with the super bowl a bit ago and since then I just haven’t stopped. I have found the TV to be interesting though the people here seem to not understand the rules as well as I do… the people on the TV do seem to run fast for things with only two legs.


I have been outside a lot recently without the harness on. The first time was a bit exciting though the feeding person was a bit quiet and panicky while I was out. I decided to hug a tree and see how far up I could get…a bit tricky at times and I thought I heard some laughter from the person drinking coffee by the door, but I  held on with as many legs as possible and made it ok. I like dark and under the deck is great for hiding in, dry, dark and near the treats when they shake them for me to come in again…. It makes me a dirty brown cat but that’s ok!


I’m being picked up a lot at the moment which I’m tolerating most of the time but sometimes it’s just so undignified! There I am fast asleep and one of the noisy ones comes and talks at me then picks me up. It’s ok though I just cross my arms and go back to sleep and the coffee person has been really ill so the bed has been warm for days and days now!


Cobweb has been having lots of fun, she seems to be able to play with the small flying things in the garden which run away when I come over. I saw her the other day with one but I wasn’t allowed out to join in…maybe she’ll bring one in again soon….. I like having new friends for tea!


I have decided I must be very important… I know Cobweb is called a number of things, pretty girl, lethal killing machine that kind of thing but I have even more names… Baxter, Bax, little boy, Baxter boy and even sometimes Bb which sounds like ‘buba’ ….all of which are better than ‘poopyhead’ which seems to be what they call me on the days when I miss the litter tray…. Well no one’s perfect are they?!

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