a quick catch up

 I’ve just been asked if I’ve written in here lately so I thought I should.
  Well for a few days the kids were off school with bad colds and so they spent the days in bed watching sequels. Day one… Lord of the Rings, Day two…. Harry Potter, Day three well by then I wasn’t well either but I have no idea what films they watched just that they kept nudging me to get drinks and ask for food and things. After that I didn’t make it to my self defense class on Saturday which was really sad but by Sunday afternoon I was starting to feel better. One good thing about the feeling ick was I spent some time writing letters so my list is smaller for now of people I want to write to. I’d been planning on asking the Box’s if they’d like to come to the cinema over the weekend but didn’t manage it so we went on Wednesday which was good. We saw Bridge to Terabithia which I really enjoyed but the boys felt was lacking action…ah well. We all came back for pizza after and the boys were in really strange moods which was embarrassing.
    I’ve been trying by mail and phone to sort out my qualifications but it seems less than easy….so any prayers would be great! I’m starting to feel like I want to be doing something now…other than sorting out food, house and doctors etc. I’ve also had some emails from old students and Hannah (my friend who took over my teaching job) and it’s made me want to be doing something again. I’ve also got some sculptures in my head that I want to make a start on and probably will soon.
  My parents are coming over next week  and I had a chat with Barb about where to take them so it should be fun… I’m looking forward to it a lot and not just for the chocolate and teabags they are bringing!
I’ve just been a bit distracted by the sight of Cobweb catching a bird…. which she is now happily chewing the head off of….. feel a bit unwell again now! She’s becoming a much better hunter but Baxter is trying to help so that may slow her down! We have been letting him out for short periods during the day now which I was mroe than a little nervous about. He’s being really good at coming back and seems to be loving the time outside so I should really calm down I guess. It’s nice to be able to leave windows and doors open for fresh air after the colds.
right now I’m having three msn chats as well as writing this so I think I’ll come back to this another time.
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