Well as a monday what I should really do is tell you about the weekend…it was great and relaxing. Ok that’s done so now let me tell you about my morning.
  Another start to the week and school routine kicks in once I’d woken from a less than happy dream. After my shower I looked out the bedroom window and there at my eye level I saw a raccoon up the tree. Just as I was calling Martin and Sam (Matt had already gone to school) I realised there were two and all they needed was a bit of Barry White music. I have to say that half way up a tree would not be my choice and it didn’t look like it was hers either. Well after Sam had calmed down and Martin left for work …we decided to keep an eye on them and Sam and I watched as another raccoon began walking over. This one was in enough light for me to get a photo of him… I’m assuming it’s a male. I dont’ know but their behaviour led me to believe it’s more like dogs mating habits and having walked a female in heat through the park I KNOW that brings males over. When I took Sam to school they were making noises like a chirupping  bird call and lookekd to be slipping off the branch. They were less than happy by the noise of the Mustang and Sam said they both gave me a dirty look. Coming back I was tempted to stop the car up the road but the I remembered the glare I got the other day and how strong their claws are….and drove into the garage!
I decided to ring my mum and walking upstairs heard a louder noise…all doors and windows shut…. it seems the female had got bored and tried to walk off and they began to fight (?) After about ten minutes of this and it being heard on the phone the female was just turning round to smack him again and they both fell off…. about 20ft to the ground. The female got up and swiftly ran off over the roundabout in the cul de sac…. looking like she was hobbling but then who wouldn’t after a fall like that landing on your back! The last I saw the male was giving chase in a neighbours garden and all I could think was at this time of the morning the poor girl needs to sleep.
As there seems to be a greater population of raccoons about today I think the cats will be staying in …. much to their disgust! As for me …well I have some cleaning jobs to do then I think I may escape to the garage and play for a while. Martin has sorted th egarage out a bit more so now it really feels like my space.
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