more mammals

  When Martin was reading the paper the other day he was struck by the following excerpt and read it out to me
   "A letter sent Tuesday to Ringwood residents advised them that children should not eat squirrel more than once a month, pregnant women should limit their intake to twice a month, and adults should not eat squirrel more than twice a week."
 Now I read the article and  understand the reasoning for warning people given the lead poisoning in the area…..
…my concern comes with the whole……"what do you fancy for tea tonight? I’ve got a fresh squirrel in the fridge" type conversation in the morning.
 For the full article…
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2 Responses to more mammals

  1. Barbara says:

    There are lots of people who rely on meat they capture themselves for sustenance, especially in rural areas.  I don\’t know that they freeze many squirrels…but they do elk, moose, deer, and rabbit.
    I do hear that squirrel tastes a lot like chicken and I am beginning to suspect that in truth, chicken tastes like everything else:-)

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