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Big sisters don’t seem to do much. They sleep for ages in bed and take up lots of space which they won’t share. Then they spend ages making themselves look ‘just so’ before making a fuss about going out. They spend ages chasing what they consider a lower form of life with the intent of catching it then they throw it away. Well she’s caught lots of birds and eaten them too which has made feeding person not so happy as they have been taken to the bedroom for disassembling. The feathers felt really funny on my tongue but I kind of like them sadly the feeding one took them away.

 I have noticed though that Cobweb seems to spend her time when she has one rolling all over it and being very happy….teenage girls…are they all the same? Still when she does play with me it’s fun.


I however have been doing more worthwhile explorations. There is a room in the house where things are thrown when they get smelly. Usually the door is shut making discovery tough but the other day it was left open so I went exploring. I made a discovery not everything you get into you can get out of…for instance the big noisy clothes eating boxes in there have a slight gap down the side and back…not much but it seemed worth investigating. Well…you see…. I got down there by jumping down…easy enough but when it came to jumping back up I found I didn’t have enough jump. I spent some time looking between the two boxes and realised my head wouldn’t get through the gaps. I decided to call the feeding one and began mewing. After a few minutes I got louder realising she was downstairs and may not hear me …well either that or she was ignoring me…humans!

I could hear her walking around calling me looking in rooms but …well if I could have got out to tell her where I was I wouldn’t have needed her would I? At last she closed her eyes and followed my voice and saw a bit if my head between the two boxes…she did look worried then and started trying to call me through the middle gap. I kept mewing to let her know my head was two big for the gap and she’d have to reach in but as the top is as high as her head I wasn’t sure how she’d do that either. Eventually she worked it out anyway and tipped one of them sideways then called me… I wasn’t sure she’d hold it for long but after waiting a minute I squeezed myself out. She had a very strange reaction and hugged me for ages after….as I was cold I let her but couldn’t see what the fuss was about really.

I had unfinished business with those boxes though and later that week when one of the smaller people was putting stuff into one I decided to give it a talking to…. He ran off to play but I decided to jump in and have a word. The feeding one came then and got me out before shutting the round door it has.. I would have given it a hard stare but it began growling and I had urgent business elsewhere just then.


Over this last week there has been a quiet person here sleeping in my room! She seems nice enough but it did take a while for her to realise whose room it actually was. I stood at her door the first night shouting open the door and it took her AGES to actually do it. When she did we got on well and I could sleep again.

            While she was here we had some fun in the garden which I only saw through the window but it was cool….. some very odd looking things came into the garden. They walked slowly and were much bigger than Cobweb but climbed trees better. They are odd though it was breakfast time and they climbed the tree curled up and slept all day…must be teenagers! They certainly had some odd paint on their tails and seemed to have left party masks on. I think there are photo’s somewhere though it was still a bit dark.

Ok I’m off now more sleeping to do and a ferret glove puppet has to die! Anyone got any uses for a dead ferret?





Oh please excuse my whiskers in a few of the photo’s I was investigating the kettle on the gas hob and they got a little singed..though I think the water on them was unnecessary it did feel nice for a short time!

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