…when you’re a driver of a train!

The last few weeks have flown by. One weekend we had Connor and Ryan stay (Linda’s boys) which was fun and the boys all seemed to have a good time. Another weekend …well I don’t know where that one went but in between is the kind of routine we have begun to form around daily life.

 I went to a teaching session at church one Saturday morning at 8.30…. I know it’s a lie in day but it seemed a good idea  ! IT was called ‘Be Prepared’ and gave us an idea of what is needed and to get ourselves ready for in the event of a natural or man made disaster. I came home full of things that we have to stock up on and Martin and I spent the rest of the day sorting the garage…see his blog! It’s great now as we both have places to work as well as park the cars, store books, and keep veggies cool and dry. I will start a new sculpture soon I hope and am right now deciding what to do and getting pictures from various angles for it.


Baxter and Cobweb have been busy but I’ll let him tell you about that later.


This last week Cathey has been staying so we’ve done all sorts of things…. I’ve found that I can drive to and park at Pike place Market and Bellevue…places I hadn’t driven to before…. Oh and the airport…I can get to the airport without getting lost though there is a certain amount of panicking involved.


We watched the Super Bowl yesterday … it was good but something makes me think if you understand the game it must be better. I didn’t sit too long thinking this isn’t’ the six nations and wondering how it has all gone so far!


Today we are off to Redmond Centre and then having lunch with Linda before I do the ironing and collapse.


Oh and we have found a pair of kids glasses in ‘purple’ if anyone has lost them let me know




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