“It’s raining again, I’m hearing its pitter patter down….”

Well finally it’s raining again and we are all walking round singing Madness songs. The snow was nice but when the roads are dangerous it’s just not so much fun. The boys are back at school now and Martin at work so life is settling back into the basic routine.

 I went out last week…this really deserves its own entry but I’ll tell you here. Linda invited me to a friend’s house and I met some really nice women that I was able to relax with straight away. I am going to find a decent curry place with one on Thursday which I’m looking forward to.


The work has begun on Matt’s teeth and he has been in some pain and discomfort from them but it seems to be easing for a bit now. Despite the early mornings he is enjoying school and doing well thought getting tired… Matt I know you read this sometimes want to comment?


Sam is doing fine…. Having fun at school, singing all the time, asking questions that he doesn’t believe the answer … to that kind of thing. In a few weeks he is starting a cartooniversity course at school to help him draw …. It should be really good for him he likes drawing but has little confidence about it and it looks like good fun.

They are both doing really well with their karate and it is amazing to see them in their uniforms focusing on their moves. It’s very elegant in a strong way but lovely to watch and see how it is helping them grow and develop as well as relate to other males. I know that the acceptance and encouragement of men is important to boys as they grow and seeing the time they now have with Martin and how they relate to the men at the Dojo makes me feel more settled. One of the things I loved about Manchester was the wide variety of good men of all ages they came into contact with who treated them like people not annoyances. So if you were one of those men thank you, just by being yourselves you showed them that good men don’t have to be the same as each other and being yourself is ok.


Martin is busy with work and I’m sure if you look at his blog he can tell you how he is doing. We have both found ourselves a bit homesick recently but we have a routine here now which helps.


As for me .. well I’m starting a new bible study tomorrow about parenting.. love and logic….which  I’m looking forward to. Cathey will be coming out next week! Next week! Our first UK person to have made it out so that will be great, probably odd but great and I’m excited about it. ( I have no idea what is happening with the text but I can’t change it so I’m sorry for shouting)


Then in March my parents are coming which I’m also getting excited about. We are meeting them in Vancouver and spending a few nights there then they are with us for about two weeks. I have all sorts of things planned in my head but we’ll see what happens when they get here… it will just be good to see them after so long. It’s odd in some ways I feel like I’ve been here for so long that it seems odd to be in a position where I’m showing my parents and Cathey where I live.

 It’ so good to talk to people on msn and be able to catch up with them and though you can’t see it you often bring a smile to my day.

Over the last few months especially Christmas I’ve sent up lots of those “God it’s not fair…” or “God I really miss….” Prayers. I know God knows what’s in my heart but I figure like the kids I know why they are upset but in telling me it helps them deal with it. So God has been patiently listening to my prayers as I’ve groaned at him about things, I know He is with me as this could have been so much harder but it is still tough at times. So I decided to put in here about two answers to prayer…. So that in telling you I appreciate it more. One was the evening last week combined with a night out at the cinema with Linda, for both I had fun and was just able to be me, the me that goes out with friends to the pictures or goes for a drink or relaxes in front of rubbish Monday night tv with people I can enjoy ‘be’ing with.

The second comes out of something I’ve kept squashed for ages anyway. I love singing…now I want Si and Josh to stop grinning here! I don’t’ have to be heard I just enjoying singing…. It usually shows the mood I am in and if I’m quiet it’s bad. (Hmm stops and thinks of Sam..oops) When I took the singing lessons with Sue it was so much fun I just enjoyed learning how to sing better and improve I would never have sung on my own in front of people without the encouragement of certain people and it felt so great to have conquered that fear. I never felt the urge to sing at church because…well there are always so many women there that it at times felt to me like the meaning was lost and it was a competition…maybe that was just my perception but it wasn’t something I wanted to be involved in. I did love being in the choir though and for me it made Christmas magical. I missed it more than I expected this year and it was one of my groans to God. At church on Sunday the worship leader announced they would be starting a choir at Timberlake and I knew it was a gift.


Baxter has another adventure to write to you about soon but for now my eyes ache if I am near this pc too long so I have to go do something else…coffee anyone?



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