…. and some MORE snow!


Well the snow seems to like it here and I’ve been asking Gudge if we moved to Alaska rather than Washington. The forecast for today from our kiro 7 weather man was for rain at lunchtime…we liked this idea. Sadly once again came the snow and now any patches that had been swept away or shovelled were now covered again. After about an hour getting a third of the drive mostly free of ice we came in and defrosted again. It is causing chaos across Seattle and at times the local news is like watching a disaster movie…even down to all the action being in the US! On the positive side I’ve got all the cleaning done and moved a bookcase as well as making a draft excluder for in the airlock.

 The last few days my headaches have been ok or not present and much of that seems to be the position I sleep in at night. It’s great. I have one position and once I lay in that position it takes me about thirty seconds to get to sleep. I’ve been trying to sleep mostly on my side now not my front with my head twisted and it seems to help my head. I was telling Martin that it now takes me much longer to get to sleep to which he laughed and said ‘what 2 minutes?’ Well it’s 400% increase on previously 😛


I wanted to share with you some of the photo’s of this part of the world right now so sit back be warm and enjoy the fact you can drive safely……



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