there is no earthly way of knowing

…if it ever will stop snowing!
I guess to be fair it stopped snowing a few days ago but the problem is that it hasn’t left us yet. All the snow that has arrived over the last week has stayed around and now the novelty is wearing off.
Having been driven on or walked on most of the snow has turn to compacted ice and has proved tough to walk or drive on. One of our neighbours had a slip the other day and so  Martin made another run to the hospital while I looked after children. So now Martin knows the way to two hospitals from here  and our neighbour has a plaster cast.
It is beautiful outside and the three or so inches of snow covering everything look amazing it is just making getting on with life interesting.
The boys had orthodontist appts today and both liked the people there which is great. Sadly they both need some work doing and something was missed by our UK dentist which has led to problems for both of them…for Sam it means teeth have moved following a tooth removal in 2005 but for Matt he now needs two teeth out and a spacer put in to holdthe gaps for new teeth. I won’t tell you about all my feelings about this but anyone who knows me will know how loving I felt towards the last dentist supposedly looking after the boys teeth. Both boys do have a really good attitude about it all though and seem relaxed. American smiles here we come!
Linda and her boys were round today which was good and we all enjoyed it though I think certain member  of the xbox team were a bit too bossy….. you know who you are!!!
Cobweb has spent the day going in and out and not quite sure which one she looks good out there but then….it is actually really cold and there is a big bed inside with her name on it. Baxter has slept most of the day thinking the warm air vents the best place to be so why move from there.
As for me …well between driving on ice which I dont’ enjoy, making meals and hoovering, seeing Linda then relaxing with Martin this evening are just what I need. I’m looking into a tyramine low diet and learning to sleep on my side not my front. All exciting stuff really but that’s life. To be honest I think the weather has been exciting enough to cover it all and the news says mroe snow tonight maybe another 2-4 inches……
…………Oh Joy!!
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