well life has got back to ‘normal’ here after Christmas. I know I haven’t written much on here but I have said if I’m finding it hard then I won’t…and the past few weeks have had highs and lows. I missed close friends and family from home a lot  over Christmas
Having just bathed Baxter again which is fun for both of us 😛 I thought I’d sit near the fire and catch up with you all. So what have I been doing…to be honest not so much another reason I haven’t written. I have written some real letters though which was great….email is good and quick but aren’t real letters wonderful?! Something about having it in the post box then holding it. I’ve had a few letters here and I’ve made them occasions…. sit in a quiet room with a cup of tea and enjoy the whole thing….so thanks to those of you that sent them!
I went to the cinema last night to see Children of men and then to an ‘Irish’ pub. It was good fun and so was the game of chess after at the pub…though the drive home through hail stones was less fun. It was funny hearing the British people in the cinema react to different parts of the film to the American ones. Thanks Linda I had fun.
I’ve gone through some of our newly stuffed cupboards and sorted out some stuff ready for the next power cut which we half expected last night. Thankfully if it did go off we didn’t notice we just woke to a layer of unmelted hail stones on the floor…outside!
Last weekend we went to ‘Gig Harbor’…well it’s what the place is called!… and spent a voucher Debbie had given me before we left. It was a long drive..or felt like it but now I have plants. On Monday Linda took me to a much closer garden centre and I have two new orchids and some primroses that smell like freesias…I love that smell! Sadly one of my orchids didn’t survive the long power cut and seems to have given up on life.
It is so nice to have plants again. Baxter thinks so too but he is sulking now about his bath so he is ignoring them!
Ok I’m off to have breakfast now then I’ll be back online to sort out a ppt for art class on friday…we are doing perspective…well I am I’m hoping the kids will too 😛
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