Cobweb’s reply

 Hmph! first he comes into the house and makes lots of noise…well not so much when he was poorly but now he talks all the time never a mintues peace! Then he tries to get me blamed for HIS ‘accidents’ they’ve worked it out now and he’s been in trouble more than once but the cheek of it blaming me!
 This house is quite good really lots of trees for me to climb which I’ve got very efficient at. The neighbours are nice too, they keep putting out bait for the squiggle things so I can just sit on the fence and chase them as they come to eat.
I have my own entrance with a tree ladder leading to it and once through the window on the roof I am straight into my bedrrom which the two people sleep in sometimes too.
I have made the cul-de-sac my own now and everyone knows me…I’ve made sure of that! If I dont’ introduce myself at the postboxes I go to their house and have a visit…. most enjoyable on the whole.
My only concerns outside is the larger wildlife out there at night, the mad weather they often have and the big unkempt fluffy cat that follows me home. I’m not sure what he’s after but he’s not coming in…. the small noisy one is quite enough for me thankyou.
Well I’ve finished the dawn patrol right now and am off for a rest on the smallest persons bed before I embark on the afternoon checks. I liek this bed …although it’s nto as huge as the other one it is higher so small thing can’t get up easily…. he he he.
Off for more beauty sleep now… not that I need it … but it can’t do any harm and I do deserve it!
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