O Christmas tree…. Baxter’s Story

Since moving in with the mad bunch of foreigners Baxter has found he really likes some things…the first not being put in a bag when he is in the way, having his own room, having toys and the litter tray. Well for a start it’s just his and even though the big cat has one the same that he sometimes uses he prefers his own. Not that they don’t smell the same … the feeding person found recycled….whatever that is….bits of tree all squashed together, it smells nice like those big green things outside and they both have it in their trays. Baxter doesn’t know what happens next because as much as he watches her to see where the smelly stuff goes from his tray it makes no sense. She walks to the small room with water and a noisy seat thing tips it down then presses a handle…sure that the noise is not a friendly animal Baxter backs off a bit at this point but when he looks again it’s all gone and it’s just clear water. Sometimes when no one is looking and has left that door open he sneaks in to see but unless he’s careful he slips and gets wet…yuk!

Well when the big green thing came into the house a while ago, the ‘Christmas tree’ it was fun. Baxter got to hide under it and climb up it, knock things off the branches and watch the people shout and run to cuddle him when he did….. Oh they do love him!

The big cat Cobweb seemed less interested yet Baxter knew something was going on. As days passed the people running became less fun and the tree was not something he wanted to go near too often though sometimes he felt the urge to try to bury near it. So life settled again into the routine of trying to trip the feeding person as she carried his tray to the small room, then trying to refill it again as soon as possible to watch where it went … and of course having naps in front of his fire in between.

 Life became fun when they put this rope thing around his body and left the front door open. Though he couldn’t walk further from the people than the rope thing it was fun to jump outside and the one who flicks the stick was happy to stand with him for up to an hour while the Feeder messed about in the kitchen making strange smelling things he wasn’t allowed to climb near.

The day after the one with lots of presents Baxter set about filling his litter tray while the people were out, chasing the boys around when they returned he finally settled for a nap on the big bed though he was really watching the Feeder as she did strange things with coloured string and made it into a square shape…well she seemed happy and in just a minute it was going to die so he was happy too.

The Stick Twitcher then shouted and both Baxter and Feeder ran downstairs. Baxter could smell what he’d smelt for a while now and tried to bury but now the people could too and had tracked it down to the tree. It was worked out that while Baxter had been enjoying the game of fill the litter box and feed the monster in the small room the Big cat had been having her own fun with the tree which smells so much like the litter stuff…or at least used to. Baxter sat and watched as the people made lots of strange faces and kept moving a hot wet thing over the floor leaving it wet and smelling like baking powder. All the hanging things were made wet and put in a pile which smelt much different to how they had smelled before they went in the water. Then the people dragged the tree outside into the garden and got cross with big cat again. By the time they finished it was very late and I wanted them to stop so I could sleep. The next day all the sparkly hanging things round the house were packed up and Feeder seemed happier though tired and grumpy…but then people are strange!

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