Christmas 2006

Well I should start with I hope you all had a good Christmas then I’ll tell you about ours… …..

I hope you all had a good Christmas!

Saturday was spent somehow but I can’t remember what we did at all. So Sunday Christmas eve…. We woke late… ah I remember Saturday night we went for a meal and to the pictures with Don and Barb while the kids hung out at the Box’s. Having gone for an Indian meal we then went to the cinema and as the film we first chose was sold out we saw ‘a night in the museum’. It was so much fun I haven’t laughed that much for ages. It did mean that we had a late night though hence the waking late Sunday. So after waking at 8.35 we were all in the car headed for church at 8.50 and arrived on time. SADLY the service was at 3pm that day so we went for a McDonalds’ breakfast and in search of crackers…which aren’t available in the US.

There was a lot to do that day so we came home and tried to get some sorted. The cul-de-sac has many gatherings and we were invited to the one that day at our neighbours. It was nice to meet people and have a chat but I felt a bit homesick and we had to leave to get to church …again. The service was nice but it fluctuated between jazz and making me feel homesick. I was kind of disappointed that the first two songs weren’t Jesus centred and then everything had a very jazz feel to it. At one point Martin grabbed my hand and grinned as I sat wishing they would ‘just play the song’ I think my expression was probably giving away how little I was enjoying it. Add to that the homesick feeling when we sang a carol and my eyes seemed to overflow through the talk bit…with Matt watching me which felt bad.

Sunday eve I wrapped and sorted presents watching Ghost on TV while Martin played postman.


Christmas day was very civilised, having told the boys to stay quiet till 7.30 they then came in the room …we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus then opened their stockings. As is our tradition I made a pot of tea and we went to open the presents before breakfast.

It was nice being in the front room fire going and settees. Martin got me all the stuff I need to make a model Spitfire which should keep me going for a while, as well as earrings, a handbag, DVD’s and books. The boys were really happy with their things and I’d managed to find a replacement pen knife for Martin…not just a replacement but identical to the one he had been unable to bring back from NZ… after searching for that long. The men then saved the world through the power of the X Box as I cooked the dinner. THANKYOU for the stuffing mix it was SOOOOOooooo nice! Barb had given us three small crackers that her sister had sent her from Ireland so we got the bang and smell of crackers which was really cool. After watching a Poirot we went over the road to another cul-de-sac gathering where we had a nice relaxing time and got to know the people who had sold us the house who were also there. Back home to relax and sleep and another day done. During which we also talked to family which was great and made me sad at the same time missing family and friends made it a hard time but we enjoyed being together.


Boxing Day well we spent it with the Box’s and went to the cinema this time taking the kids and watching them laugh at the film. We hung around at their house for a while and then came home. I went to bed to watch ‘next of kin’ at 9pm and had left the decorations up…..see it’s a miracle…or is it? You’ll have to wait to find out why the decorations were down by this morning…. I’ll let Baxter tell you about it!


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