in search of Santa…Baxter’s story

 It being Baxter’s first Christmas he is naturally curious about this old man who goes into children’s rooms at night and leaves things on their beds. He is very aware that jumping on beds in the night is a bad thing now and that leaving anything anywhere but the litter tray is not well met…so what about this old man? Deciding to go searching has proved to be harder work than he expected and less than popular with the bigger things that live here.


  Thinking the older cat may be wiser he has followed her around a lot but she just smacks him when he asks and seems reluctant to give him a piggy back ride when he jumps on her back… though she has offered to help him fly! The house is now full of things that hang down but he’s not encouraged to play with them and the nice noise they make when they hit the floor brings the people things running and results in him being removed for a while to have a rest and reconsider.

  So where is this man then and what’s it all about? Well the first thing to change was the plant in the family room…. Odd they brought a plant in then are sad for others who decide to have them sticking out of the roof. From all Baxter has heard he thinks the top of the tree a good place to look and was going to try and scale the heights of it at the weekend but though the darkness would have helped the cold made him feel sleepy and too lazy to do anything. Now though he can see and is much warmer to try again. Baxter’s first attempt resulted in being taken off the tree only a foot from the floor but …hang on… with some patience and good timing…..


  Baxter waited until the one that does food it stuck in the kitchen and the small one has plugged itself into the moving pictures…. Which he resisted watching this time…. and began his assent.


  Firstly he came across a red ball hanging around…he knew red was the right colour but would it be any help…with a quick sniff it was dismissed as useless…maybe underneath…but sadly no. So more climbing ahead he creeps through the tree sure he is not seen when he coems face to …well … face with an angel. Well this isn’t right and now he’s really high up as tall as the food ones head (ok not that tall but he is small!) suddenly he’s been spotted and despite his best efforts to talk to the angel the chat is cut off as he is removed from the tree.


Hmm so that didn’t work what’s next? Well the angel said something about the chimney…. best investigate. AS the food one opens the fire guard Baxter is poised to climb and like a flash is in the fireplace and trying to climb the chimney. Sadly all this got his was sooty and removed…AGAIN! To add to the bad luck he then is subjected to a small bath as the food one seems unhappy about paw prints on her clothes….. well after the bath she seems unhappy about scratches on her arms…no pleasing women!


Well for today that was about enough searching for Baxter and he decided to have a sleep and as for Santa…well the expression says it all!

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