storm is over now

 I think most places have their power back now …though people are still without and some are finding their homes have to be demolished. We have heard from people about their ‘stories from the storm’ and in some cases it is amazing someone wasn’t killed.. like the daughter who had a tree fall in the house 12 inches from where she was sleeping.

Barb and the Box children stayed with us from Sunday to last night. It increased the feeling of community people pulling together and we were pleased to be able to help. The kids all seemed to enjoy it and had fun being together as soon as they woke up.

The local paper shows us pictures of the damage and I am so relieved we are ok but also surprised that it wasn’t mentioned in the UK. Washington has now been declared a disaster zone in a number of the counties  but only because of the effects of November and this last storm seems to have had at least as much impact.

So now we try to shift our focus back to Christmas and being ready for it…. I think most people around here are just pleased to be in a home with light and heat and have a family around them.

I miss you lot back in the UK and would love to see you all this year but right now being warm and seeing after 3.30pm is wonderful.

I hope you all have a good Christmas and spend more time relaxing, have more fun, more time with people you love and more of whatever you wish for. One day this coming year I hope to see you but whether it’s here or there take care until I do.




Oh and Martin for you for Christmas… I’ve spell checked all this on word before putting it up so you can stop crinign at my typo’s!!



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One Response to storm is over now

  1. Simon says:

    So, given your comment to Martin, was the "crinign at my typo\’s" part deliberate? I liked that – lull him into a false sense of security, then nail him with the punchline. So much MORE fun than just making him cringe… or should that be "crinige"?
    Really good to hear that you\’re all OK after the storm. It\’s a reminder that British weather, much though we whinge about it, rarely tries very hard to kill us! Hope to catch you online before Christmas but if I don\’t, then have a great one all of you, and may you all get your heart\’s desire! See you soon, Gudges all…

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