Ok I know it’s been a bit since I mailed but…well I honestly didn’t know what to tell you.
I’ve been trying to get things ready for Christmas…something the women will understand more than the men! I think I’ve got everything posted off in time but who knows.
My migraines have been rearing their ugly heads a bit recently and I’ve felt a bit down so it’s been tough to think of what to say …… I’m going to chop my head off…doesn’t make people laugh much..though it would stop the pain! My top tip is if you have a migraine don’t eat mexican…it clags up and makes breathing hard on it’s return journey!
The idea of not seeing family and close friends at Christmas is tough but it’s good to know some will be coming over soon..well relatively. Mum and Dad have been planning their trip for March since before we got the visa’s which has been great and Cathey is coming over in February though I hear she leaves in January…long flight huh! It will be good to show them around and spend time with them.
I’ve found the shopping part for Christmas hard so far…partly because I don’t know places to go for things, partly knowing who to send stuff back to and also what to get them. Sam is still causing a few difficulties for us….in a good way… I think. This year he has really changed… he’s discovered books and the ability to save his money with a purpose in mind…. as a result he now has a Nintendo DS which he bought with a combination of his birthday money and ‘allowance’. He has also bought himself all the games he wants and is just sitting happily not wanting anything. I love the fact that he doesn’t want anything and has become the best person in us four for saving…. what do we get him for Christmas? ….Now I know Sam you read this sometimes so I am not going to say anymore …so there!:P
We are still all trying to get used to the early mornings and just about getting there…but only if I am asleep at 10pm which my brain insists is dumb but my body and head are sure is the best idea. Matt now gets the yellow school bus from round the corner and loves it, he has become really grown up now and seems to love it. He tells us that the bus is loud after school but on the way they all put their heads on their bags and sleep….. sounds good huh!
Baxter is doing well and I’ll add a photo of him so you can see. When we got him he weighed just over 1lb and then while poorly lost some weight…he is now 4.5lbs and very happy. He has decided he should decorate the tree and seems to spend most of his time half way up it. LOL he has just come into the room padding happily with a mouse in his mouth… a purple string covered mouse ……which he seem to think he has killed after a valiant battle!
Cobweb is still as elegant as always spending most of her time reclining on our bed and then carrying out the dawn and other perimeter patrols. She has a mostly low tolerance of Baxter and spends a lot of time smacking him around the head..which he thinks is fun and runs after her wanting more….men! Mind you as a typical female when he is put in his room to give her peace and quiet she wants to know where he is and waits outside his door!!
I am still plodding around straightening things hoping to get the garage sorted into a studio soon so I can sculpt. I’ve done some sketches but the job right now is to sort Sam’s room. Martin has painted it for him and he is back in there so the last few boxes of toys can be unpacked and rubbish thrown away.
The boys finish school on Friday so we will get more time in bed.. I hope.. and finishing the rest of the sorting out. Maybe then in the New Year I’ll get going on the studio bit. It’s been great to hear from you …well those who’ve mailed me or I’ve spoken to on the phone.
I’ll put up some photo’s of the lights on people’s houses soon so watch this space!
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