We have a treeeeee!
We had a really nice weekend getting Christmassy. Having had to leave our electrical stuff behind when we moved we got to buy all new lights.
Those of you that have experienced decorating with me before know I have set things that ‘are right’.
A green tree…real one…it should go without saying but sadly no.
White twinkling lights…small ones not candles or balls
no tinsel… just the rows of beads in gold or red
decorations red, gold or wooden.
I know I’m dull to some people but it’s the way a tree should be for me. Sadly for Martin it’s not…. for him it needs coloured flashing lights. So this year we have a compromise of sorts. We have boths sets on the tree…most of the day with just white lights on but in the evening when he is home the coloured lights go on. So now we have a tree that looks wonderful for all of us at some point.
We have some nice icicle lights outside too which make the house look great and the kids have hung some candy canes on one of the trees outside…Cobweb’s ladder.
It’s been a really good weekend which we finished with a walk round the nearby area to look at houses and watching ‘The Island’ when kids were in bed. A good film…a bit of a cross between ‘Brave New World’ and BladeRunner.
Now to go and retrieve Baxter from the tree…… maybe I should wire it so it shocks him when he touches it?? Don’t panic I’m joking…. for now!
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One Response to Tree!!!

  1. Simon says:

    Same for us here. I\’m thinking of getting the tree on Saturday and for once I\’m glad we\’ve still got the Hated Peugeot. I really don\’t fancy the thought of attempting to bring an eight-foot Christmas tree home in the Jaguar! I suspect I\’d get all grumpy at the mess and scratches everywhere… so that\’s our plan anyway. I negotiated tasteful stuff only on the tree last year but this year we\’re having more tat to see if we like it and it adds a touch of humour. I still think it\’d make someone\’s Christmas Eve more surreal if I came racing down Deansgate on the motorbike, in leathers but with a Santa suit worn over the top, long white beard flowing from under the helmet… with a sack of pressies over my shoulder, wheelie-ing down the road and shouting "Ho Ho Ho!" ….. no? We\’ve now got two cards, one from you guys (thank you very much) and another from a guy I used to work with but haven\’t seen since early 2005. Must send him one too…

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