Snow’s gone now

Well the kids had a few days off school due to the snow but it’s all clear again now.
Matt started taking the yellow school bus to school and back. It means he has to be at the bus stop at 7.10am but he said today as he got home that he looks forward to school each day now…his friends travel on the same bus and it makes him feels a lot more independent.
We had a baby sitter last night, a nice guy called Eddie, the son of someone I met from the Wednesday studies. So we used the opportunity to go shooting. I’ve not been since we moved here and it was so nice to get the opportunity. I fired a 22 revolver but found it harder to use than last time for two reasons; the barrel was short and so hard to aim and the target was only attahced by one bulldog clip which meant if anyone else fired it swung about wildly in the breeze. I did OK but it was more fun than accuracy…. when you walk through the airlock part to the alleys I’ve found my mind shuts off and I just focus on where I am…nothing else gets in…it’s great.
I’ve been listening to a local Christian radio station…not something I’ve done regularly before but it’s good for me. I’ve found in the past that fasting food or drink  leaves me feeling ill and creates havoc with my migraines…in fact I was told by a doctor not to if I want them to settle. What I have found focuses me on God is giving up stuff that really affects me…. like music. I always have music on from waking to going to bed and find it helps me focus so for me listening only to Christian music is tough and repetitive often…though I’ve done it many times before for up to three months. (I’ve given up Star Trek too but that was tougher at the time with longer lasting effect.) The good thing here is that I still hear the news…not all the music is worship but I can use it as that if I want to or just listen. I am listening to other music too … I had a whole day of Meat Loaf yesterday which was great but by 5pm I needed some Enya to balance it all out.
Oh and I think I’m getting a grip on Christmas now…. just as well I’m sure the kids finish soon! I’d like to sort out decorations this weekend but life often takes over doesn’t it.
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