It’s snowing here right now and feels a bit chilly to say the least…. beautiful though.
We’ve been busy doing stuff for the last few days and both adults have felt under the weather so I’ve not blogged…as you may have noticed.
Friday…. we went for a drive East. That was the plan…to drive east for a while. We ended up near Snoqualmie pass off the I-90. As we joined the freeway the slip road was busy…with crossing elk. Now earlier in the day I’d asked Martin what was the difference between elk/deer and moose. Now I know the deer/moose thing but didn’t know where elk fitted in. Well I’d thought to bring a camera and so we slowed down and I took a photo…. the answer; it’s big!…… like a small horse with antlers…. just have a look at the photo…which has not been zoomed or anything it was that close. Later we saw a herd of them, about 30 and I took some more photo’s getting about 6ft away…. sadly the light was fading so they haven’t come out well but you may spot a couple in the photo. After that we went a few more junctions up and got out to a few ft of snow…. this area is always stunning but in snow it’s amazing. It was as if someone had drawn a line on the mountain and said no snow below here… it was such a definite snowline.
Back home to "Mum’s stew" and dumplings and a warm fire
Anyway right now I’m tired out so I’ll add the photos and blog more tomorrow.
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