I’ve just been to the chiropractor for the first time here and it was long overdue… I know have that wonderful feeling of a clear head which seems so rare for me.
It was unlike going to the osteopath in a lot of ways and amazingly thorough. I had a health check…now this isn’t like going to the practise nurse it’s more like an army physical type thing…though I didn’t have to cough. One of the things they did was had me stand with a foot on each of two scales so they could see if my weight was evenly distributed…it’s significantly not. they took my blood pressure on both arms which were also different… 122/88 on one and 102/70 on the other…and I was no more relaxed. They also measured my temperature at the base of my skull on both sides and down my spine on both sides at various points. This was all mapped out on a screen and shows changes from some areas…it was kind of comforting really as heat always accompanies a migraine for me and my head feels like it is burning…. I hadn’t told them at that point though. I had bends and stretches to do as well as answering a lot of questions… all very insightful stuff really.
They didn’t finish the dietary check or some other things like mobile phone use type stuff… phew ..not as bad now! I did have some treatment though and am now feeling good and also thirsty..which is a good sign. I was told I should be drinking half my body weight in fluid ounces a day… now I’m not sharing what that is but …. well I’m not drinking enough water.
Yes thank-you I can hear you…. I will drink more!
I have put on a picture …if Father Christmas doesn’t make it you know why….. he came down the wrong chimney!
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