Seattle in the dark


Some more aware of you may know that we are having odd weather right now… I know Linda has noticed … this has already been the wettest November on record for Seattle and the floods in areas near here are causing chaos for people. those of us with homes on hills or plateaus are fairing better but add the rain to high winds yesterday in such a green area and the result is 100,000 people without power for some time yesterday. Our house being one of them. Thankfully it only lasted about 4-5 hours, we have a gas fire and gas hob….so soup and reading by candlelight was called for…… and to be honest I enjoyed it. It did mean the kids had to miss their kenpo lesson as the car was in the garage and I had no idea how to open it without power or the ability to see what was there anyway. So the kids ate chunky beef soup by firelight as I read to them till my throat was hoarse. The power came back on as they were heading to bed and sadly for Matt too late for him to start his homework which was internet research…. but in time for me to mail his teacher explaining.

 So there we go another experience survived and things learnt…. I’m just grateful I’d unpacked everything and knew where the candles and torches were.
Oh and for those of you who come to stay well some info. In every house there are cupboards aren’t there….. the built in ones that get called odd things, or the rooms with no purpose btu need to be called something….. ’tilly room’ is one I love. Well we have a few so for those of you who may stay here they are….
Harry….. for Harry Potter it’s a long cupboard under the stairs that would fit a bed but it has about as much space as a ‘jeffrey’s tube’ so sitting up would be impossible unless you are Sam.
John…. John lives half way up the stairs … the door is at my shoulder height and up and it leads to a sloping area….. a bit odd and makes us think by going in we may end up ‘being John Malkovich’
the air lock….. the bit between the world of the garage and the house, it has a door each end that must be kept shut to keep cats only one door opens at a time.
the other dimension…. a great cupboard with doors on each side which means you can get to it through the kitchen and the family room. So called because the cats often go in one door while it is open and find themselves somewhere else when they come out…. each time it confuses them.
I think that’s it for now…just the four with odd names… but it’s us so what else would you expect?
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