I had my hair cut…. you know it takes about an hour for a womans cut….. with two shampoos and a conditioner as well as the cutting and drying ….mine often takes a bit longer. The normal routine is they sit you in a chair and ask what you want done before washing your hair so they can see the normal. Well I’m not going for a hair cut again for a while and certainly not there! Apart from her not looking at my hair before it was washed she chewed gum the whole time even when leaning over me washing it, she couldn’t get it level so seemed to keep cutting and pulled it so hard to dry it that my scalp is sore and all this in 25mins! I’m not happy with it and feel it is much shorter than I asked for…. still long but I’ve lost a few inches I didn’t want to lose. My worry is it feels much shorter even though she’s straightened it …how will it feel when it’s curly again?!?!
  Ah well it’s at least a part of me that will grow …could have been worse she could have cut my legs off!
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