bonfire night!

 I had expected to miss out this year but life surprised me. A couple from England invited other English people over to a bonfire…. though fireworks are not allowed here or sold so they are out of the picture. IT was really nice to spend the evening chatting to people who even though they talked fast I could understand… lol… saying that they were mostly from Liverpool or Birmingham! WE talked about all sorts of things including memories of fireworks displays we have been to and that feeling of burnt face and frost bitten toes… not something we had here when even though it was raining we were too warm …still we all kept hats and scarves on to keep the spirit right. It made me smile that the adults were all English sounding but most of the children had been raised if not born here so sounded like natives. One child was asked if they liked bonfire night and the tradition…they said it was cool…wierd but cool. I guess in many ways it is for them but I enjoyed it a lot…… and we had some of Terry Wogans fireworks so that was fun and the mulled wine was a winner too as was the company.
 Oh if anyone feels like being loved by all of us for ages…. buy some sparklers and save them till we are back next year … they are also illegal though we have heard of some places we might be able to get them 😉 Illegal sparklers…what a strange world!
I hope you all enjoyed bonfires this year and oooh’d and aah’d in the right places!
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3 Responses to bonfire night!

  1. Simon says:

    Not a problem to save you all some sparklers for your 2007 visit. Well, there\’s a fireworks shop in Urmston who sells them all year round, I\’m sure, so we should be able to lay our hands on some for you when you\’re over. I\’ve not had a sparkler for years… maybe it\’s something I need to do now and again to save me from growing up?
    You\’re no doubt pleased to know that we blew up a vegetable this year. It was a pumpkin this time. Phil had filled it with roman candles and sparklers so it had smoke and sparks coming out if its eyes and then it exploded and chunks went everywhere! Honour was upheld once more. Next year, of course, I\’m wondering about going on a proper fireworks certification course, then I can get hold of the damn big ones. Tee hee….
    Si. (still moving so I don\’t get packed…)

  2. Unknown says:

    What kind of a country is that ? No fireworks ? Not even sparklers ? Stuff that for a game of monkeys.

  3. Linda says:

    Just depends where you are, Hx.. its only Sammamish that\’s the party poopers – we still know how to do fireworks in Redmond. Wait til 4th July fo the real displays – legal and otherwise!

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