Matt was buzzing as I collected him yesterday. He got in the car saying he had something to tell me and I coudl tell he had that subdued excitement that showed he was proud of something but not wanting to brag. One ..well at least one of his teachers voted him student of the month for his year and he now has his name and photo up for being ‘an all round good student and cool dude’ though I’m not sure it says the last bit. He also got his grades for work done yesterday and is doing really well even in the grade 9 algebra.
I had concerns when we moved him from Margaret Mead hoping I was doing what was right for him not just his academic side but seeing the amount of change in him and how happy he is I feel it was the right thing to do…though I guess I may change my mind at a later date. It does mean earlier mornings, more homework and less downtime for him in the week but next year would have had that anyway.
Having different teachers for subjects seems to be the right thing for him now and he gets on well with them especially the art teacher from what I hear.
 When you are a kid you KNOW you’re parents make the right decision and haven’t any doubts that it will then be ok……. it’s only as a parent you realise everyone is winging it and it’s only their love hard work that makes it work out. Well I’m hoping this session of winging it will work out for him.
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