What is A4 paper?
That’s what a teacher just mailed me…. I guess they may have a different paper sizing range here but what’s wrong with A4? The ring binders here have three so it’s all different in an odd way…  close but no cigar!
We were woken in the night by the alarm box going off….. when we got to it it just flashed a light under the word ‘trouble’! that was helpful we kind of knew it was in trouble when it bipped at us at 3am! Ah well another thing to work out and sort.
I think I’m coming to the end of the boxes now…there are none in the house except for ones I’ve brought in to sort because the garage is cold.
Speaking of which we have our first frost this morning. On Saturday after self defence I was standing in a vest top outside at a Bar-B-Que feeling too hot in the sun but now we have frost. Leaves are crunchy and it’s feeling like hot chocolate or ready brek weather. Which means I’m off to the supermarket later to find some warm cosy foods like soups etc. I think a microwave would be useful too at some point but the amount of buying we have done of new things has made me feel reluctant to go to the shops now. Between kids growth spurts, household stuff and cars it’s been non stop for all of us….. I think just breathing will be good for a while.
For now though it’s washing and supermarket again…see how life is so exciting! No breakfast in bed this morning but I did get roses first thing which are beautiful and brighten the house up.
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