Friday night the kids were at a church youth thing and we had take away curry with friends and it was really nice to relax and not think of boxes.

Saturday we had a lie in which was great… I got breakfast in bed which is really rare and I loved.

Self defense was so much fun but kind of sad as it’s the last one. We were put in ‘rooms’ and had to fight past a guy to get out. When I say rooms it’s kind of exagerating a bit one of them was smaller than my pantry about half the size of our last downstairs loo! I got out in 7seconds having roundhouse elbowed him four times. I now have a bruise all the way down my forearm as he had a face guard on which was hard! It felt so nice to be able to get out though, to know that if trapped I have things I can do to get away. The guys laughed at me saying just one of the hits would have broken a nose so 4 is a bit of overkill…it worked though and it moved his face guard round his head so he couldn’t see either.

Last night the kids went to ninja night at the Dojo which was 6-12pm doing stuff in the dark and having fun. We used the time to go to the cinema and watch a film… Fearless…. it’s the last Jet Li movie and really good despite the subtitles. Not just about fighting but about a real person and his awareness of himself and others.

We went to a park at Pine lake which was nice too and the sun was really warm until you were out of it and it is beautiful and only five minutes from home!


Today looks like being a relaxing day we all woke slowly after the late night…except Baxter… and have decided to just spend the day together, playing monopoly and relaxing.


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