busy few days!

Baxter found the fireplace today and is now three shades of grey! We then had to take him to the vet who is from Walthamstow and thought it was funny that he looked like an urchin.

I got some shampoo from the vet and found out just how sharp Baxter can be when he’s cross..so not the most efficient thing but better than he was anyway.

Poor Baxter had some more jabs today but he is feeling much better and bounding around happily killing anything he can. Cobweb has got used to him now I think and comes down to find him at times when she wants attention…. she’s wanted more fuss today too which has been nice.

It’s now some dumb time in the morning and I woke thirsty but in getting a drink woke Baxter so now I’m waiting for him to finish eating so I can put him back in his room and have him quiet.
The last few days seem to have been busy..finishing the last boxes in the house and tryong to work out where to put the extra stuff left over. Matt now has a desk in his room so he can get on with his homework in peace and I think there are only two boxes left now….. in the hosue anyway. The garage is still full of I think about 30 boxes and all the ruubbish from the packing stuff. Everythign was wrapped in three layer of chip shop type paper so you can imagine how much there is when it’s all unwrapped…about seven boxes full so far I think. Two of the boxes made me laugh….they were all written on to tell us what was in them…well that was the plan. When they were packing it was kind of scary as they packed everything that didn’t move. When Si came round he kept stepping backwards and forwards to avoid being wrapped in paper when he was talking to Martin in the cellar. When I read these two boxes I laughed because they said ‘stationary’ on them and I wondered just who was in there having been stationary at the wrong moment.
Both boys have a day off school on Friday and are looking forward to it a lot. The schools here don’t have half term holidays so it feel like a long run till Christmas… I guess that’s how come they have such long summer ones …so you can see your kids once a year. Matt gets so much homework now he is late going to bed because of it and he doesn’t seem to do much else in the week. I’ve declared Friday homework free and am hoping he can relax some.
I’m going to try to get more sleep now
take care
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