Ok I get it …I’m welcome!

 EEEeeeeeek I’ve just been welcomed again.  A well meaning but seriously scarey woman with a wicker basket turned up at the door with a whole welcoming pack and treated me to her life history, the last person she visited’s life history and all the other words she’d not used today. Martin was helpfully shouting ‘what do you want for tea?’ from the other room but it didn’t help and I came back into the room with my hair stickign out horizontally!
We were welcomed by two ladies from the neighbourhood committee  just after we moved in and they were lovely ..giving us lots of helpful things like maps and directories of people in the area. All good stuff…in fact gravy Mr Boyers! This lady is employed by the local chamber of commerce to ensure that all newcomers knwo which businesses to what and are nearby….great but rarely have I met someone who can talk thatr much without pausing for air. Is it possible for people to breathy in their nose while speaking out?
It is nice to have people be so friendly…it certainly beats Carterton where in six months the most contact we had with the nieghbours was him moaning about two cars on the driveway next to his… or for that matter scarey man with hounds who was just that bit too friendly helping himself to my washing. It is strange and much as we like the info they have given and the sentiments their is something really odd about having so much friendliness that it’s scarey.
I did want to be in a friendly place though didn’t I and this has a lot of community spirit.
  Off to have a Baileys and sit down now….. do you think that’s it or will more people pop up at some point to ‘welcome’ me with a basket of odd things…oh I got a toothbrush and floss reel from a local dentist too.
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2 Responses to Ok I get it …I’m welcome!

  1. Foggy says:

    Ah, but did this lady bring you any Ribena,Ready Brek, Weetabix, Wagon Wheels etc.  If not, what sort of a welcome pack is that?!!!

  2. Hayley says:

    Sadly no but if I see her again and can get a word in I\’ll mention it!

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