peg puzzle and words

 I heard on the radio today something that made me grin… apparently women use 25,000 words per day and men use 15,000. The thing that occurred to me was that given I’m talking to so few people right now…and taking into account the fact that I sing along to the radio and talk to the cats…….. I must be saving mine up. What made me grin was the thougth of the first visitor coming who is going to get the backlog of words.
I bought myself a jigsaw yesterday… one of those kiddie ones with the shape on the cardboard backing. It’s of the US. Right now I have so much to learn that I thought it would be a good way of learning the name and placement of the’s working too but only if I start west and go east.
More boxes again today… I think the end of the house ones is in sight…but I feel one calling me again right now so I’ll go and sort that out.
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