hugs …again?

 I have a feeling I’ve mentioned hugs before….that I miss them and life is odd without havign a lot of hugs. Well I now have someone who comes over just to hug me every Wednesday and it’s so nice. I also got a hug from a girl at the Kenpo place today which was a surprise but nice…useful too she kicks **** in the lesson and is fun in the self defence class too.
  Anyway I just wnated to share that with you all.
  Baxter has been seen by the vet who is really happy with his progress now so he got to come home nto stay in…hurray!
 I npw have a list of things from home I can’t find…….
ready brek
 wagon wheels
baked beans
nice tomato soup
decaf earl grey
oh and of course chocolate… I have found somewhere that sells small pots of marmite and packets of drinking chocolate but it’s amazingly expensive!
Ok going to go make tea now
hugs to everyone
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