argh…..crashing nets!

  I have tried on a few occasions to put in new entries and for some reason it’s crashed so I’m hoping this time will work…if not you’ll never know about it!
So far this morning has gone well and I’ve laughed so much it hurts…thanks Phil! Baxter is better and has actually started playing a bit now which is great but has left Cobweb a little cautious. they are slowly getting used to each other though I feel sad for him as he seems desparate to get close to her and she either hisses or runs or watches from a safe distance…for now. Cobweb is amazing at climbing trees though and at coming down again which is a relief.
 So what have I done since I last mailed….well it’s very exciting … I’ve opened boxes!!!! There are a few things in life that are guaranteed to send me a little bit strange…
 – no music … I know it sounds odd but we’ve noticed I get sad or VERY random without some music on…..and over long periods of time it just gets me down so much. Poor Martin whenever we are in the car he likes quiet and no music but that then means he has me and Sam being amazingly silly and random at him…we try not to but it just kind of happens. Of course a normal day has to have me singing along to it!
 – no conversation…. if I have no friends and family to talk to I begin to shut down. The chats don’t have to be long but days without some human contact is really not good for…well as Martin described it to the kids.. the health of my head! One reason why now having a phone even if I don’t use it has made me feel a bit more sane and alive.
 – boxes of ‘stuff’….. those of you who know about me and boxing day will know what I can be like at times when I decide things are a mess and have to be sorted. Having a house full of boxes gives me that feeling but takes longer so I run out of steam but not ‘argh’  leaving me tired crabby and unhappy.
……. I should take this opportunity to apologise to all of you who have had to put up with my oddness and well however I have been. I think some pf it’s me but some of it’s female….men go hunt alone women raise kids in social groups sharing work loads, building relationships…. well it’s my excuse…part of it. But I am sorry if I’ve been strange at all.
**Phil says he reads my blog everyday and suggests an ‘every day with Hayley section’ and for me to ask people what they think!
Anyway back to the oddness of me…boxes everywhere so I’m spending anytime I can unpacking boxes and trying to put things away or throw them. I spoke to a woman yesterday at the kenpo class who moved from Warrington 5yrs ago… a good move I think… she has loads of boxes in her garage still not unpacked! I think that would kill me or I’d kill someone else. Actually I’d just throw them away unopened.
We had a great service on Sunday at church and the pastor said something that made me smile but also think a lot….." don’t be afraid of the future I’m learning to love it… I should I’m planning on spending the rest of my life there"
I shoudl tell youhow the boys are doing…..GREAT. They have both settled well, Sam is taking over the world..loudly and Matt is enjoyign learning about it and finding his way round school.
Martin seems to have settled into a routine nicely too and we get to see him every evening!  Feel free to add a comment Gudge! It’s nice we’re actually for the first time feeling like a family in the same house not just a group of people in the same house….it’s odd but nice.
My head is better but after sleeping on the floor with Baxter for a night while he was REALLY unwell my neck is a bit achy still…he is much better thought and eating properly again.
Ok boxes and msn are calling …but first a coffee I think.
Oh and everyone find someone to give you a hug from me!!
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2 Responses to argh…..crashing nets!

  1. Foggy says:

    You sound much more like you now.  Totally fruit loop in the nicest possible way. Love to you all H and K

  2. Hayley says:

    I think maybe the \’totally fruit loop\’ bit is a familial trait… you get it from your Fathers\’ side..including Aunt\’s and Uncles!! ; )

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