quick one

I’m aware I’ve not said much recently but it’s because of all these boxes!!
I’m trying to make a dent in them and only stopping when I have to…though I ache all over today so I may be slower now!
I did stop for a while yesterday for my self defence class which was great…and the reason I ache! We got to stand in the room eyes closed as a man came to attack us….we then had to break free…. I discovered even at my lack of height I could break someone’s nose now!! Go me! Next week they are shutting us in a confined room to teach us how to get out…..hmm fun !
We also went and picked up our new car…. a Mustang V8 convertible….. she’s beautiful but definitely not tame…… driving her takes effort as you can feel the control is only on loan to you …it’s great!! I’ll tell you more another time when I’m not running late for church…and include lots of photo’s. You’ll hate it Si honest…he he.
It’s raining here today which is kind of nice… I’ve missed rain…but now I have to go so I’ll chat more another time.
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