odd day

  For the last four days I have had an increasing headache which by yesterday denied me everything but sleep, pain and being sick! So it’s been kind of odd…. I’ve had a few hours where I’ve felt ok and then it’s hit again.
I managed to get to the self defence class and it was great fun though it left me aching..still after two days…. ah but next time I’ll be ready!
So today has been a day of appts and getting drugs! Baxter was a bit snuffly and stuffed up so we went to the vets and he has a chest infection…common when leaving a pound apparently. So he now has anitboitics and eye drops…well his head is so small they’ll work on his nose!
I got some more advice and tablets from a Doctor who was really nice, he said I needed to take my blue tablets first then move onto the codeine…which he gave me more of….well ‘vicadin’….this tickled me as it’s what ‘House’ is addicted to…if you don’t know don’t worry….let’s just say we have a few personality traits in common…maybe he’s a Rolfe!
Cobweb has discovered her favourite way in and out of the house…via the bedroom window onto the front sloping roof…when I was in bed yesterday she was taping at the mesh to get in which made me jump and now she likes the access….she must be entering teenage life I think…she only comes downstairs for food….she’s either in bed or out!
Speaking of which the boys are doing great. Sam is boucing around being friends with the whole world and running the show, Matt left elementary today and is excited but nervous about junior high tomorrow. He looks much happier than when he started a few weeks ago and has some friends who are lookign forward to him showing them round next year!
It’s been a beautiful day today, warm bright and crispy. I have taken a photo of the trees in the garden, I hope they come out ok they looked at first like they were on fire…the down side is the leaves are falling off and the rake arrives on wednesday. That’s right my ship has come in!!! Tomorrow the rented furniture goes and Wednesday the moving crate arrives!! Then I just have to work out where it will all go…eeek! I hope you all enjoy the trees and the one red rose in the garden now! Any tips on pruning roses?
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