I can’t cope…but that’s ok!

 This is the ‘thing’ that I came to last week. Reading this moving on book she talked about moving for women being like a trapeze artist. You swing from the bar backwards and forwards but at some point you move onto the other bar. The thing is before you can be on the other bar you first have to not nly let go of the first one but also be in the void between the two….the part where the audience gasp. Well I’m beginning to realise things I have to let go of so that I can grab hold of the next bar. Right now I’m in the void, between bars, not fitting either place and not coping my best…but that’s ok. In the book women share moving experiences across country and seem to find it hard…if theydo then surely given I’ve moved from another country and even the food and roads are different….not coping should be ok. The odd thing is that since coming to that conclusion it as actually been easier to cope. Over the weekend I had two phone calls from friends who missed me and wanted to talk, now please don’t get me wrong but I was so pleased that I could ‘be there’ for them that it made life easier for me.
I thought I’d just share that with you lot so you’d know what’s goign on in me aswell as around me. I also feel much better now Matt’s school is sorted or on the way to being.
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