Friday…. 10.6.6!

You will know if you’ve been keepign up with the blog that Matt may be moving school as the one he is in is too easy for him and he’s finding it boring and switching off. It’s hard isn’t it…kids need our reassurance it will all be fine even though we haven’t a clue. It never occurred to me as a child that my parents were winging it….. they did a good job! Thankyou!!! WE spoke to the head of jnr high today and he was such a good advert for the school we both came away feeling it was going to be sorted…… Thanks to all those praying we appreciate it alot. We also saw the head of elementary school and she was great too. Matt has got to the point where he now wants to move as he’s seeing himself switch off in class and feels bored. I’ll keep you all posted.
 The only other thing to write right now is that I can’t write much today as my head is playing up again……. I’ve had an increasing migraine since thursday am and now it’s friday lunch…. so after lots of nice tablets I’m goign for a lie down….see told you it’s not great. Both cats are asleep so I’ll try to follow their example.
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